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2-Gang GRADY BOX - The Metal Stud Master


  • Means provided to mount to open or closed side of metal stud

     Holes to drill in the box sidewall are already there, as well as holes for the screwdriver opposite them

     No need to fabricate stud scraps, bracket designed for open side is provided

     No bump in finished dry wall caused by bracket mounts


  • Increased box volume (over standard 4x4s) for multi-wire feed and two devices, BY DESIGN

     Clamps are moved out of the box, no wires cut on clamp edges

     Clamp screw studs come forward, no screws to cut off  back of the box when mounting on block wall

     Much deeper box (48 cu. in.) because back screws are gone

     Conduit and MC/AC enter all on one surface (top)

     Wires fold neatly because they all come in from top

     Pass & Seymour Plugtail fits easily - more labor money saved

     Two duplex receptacles or three-way switches are no hassle

     Multi aire splices are no problem

     No series feeds needed on outlets to save space


  • No loose parts, rings, metal stud mounts, BX connectors ot two-gang versus 4" square inventory, etc. needed - ONE BOX DOES IT ALL

GRADY BOX 4x4 Metal Outlet & Device Boxes

$5.40 Regular Price
$4.05Sale Price
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