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As a P.E. and licensed Master Electrician for 45 years, I recently had the opportunity to oversee the construction of my own metal stud, brick and concrete 30,000 SF R&D/manufacturing facility.  I was surprised to see that the methods for wiring commercial buildings had not evolved more in the intervening years.  For example, 4x4 boxes still needed plaster rings, wire from receptacles still refused to fold because the AC/MC clamps were right under them, and in box clamps provide poor ground integrity, as cables pull right out. Outlet boxes were still too shallow; the physical attachment to metal studs still required a "do it yourself" shim kit at doors; and there still was not enough room in the boxes to do things the right way.  The two-gang, three-way switch boxes were still too full to wire in a workmanship-like manner and the drywall guys could still cut the wires.  Studs out of the box hit the block wall, as well.

I firmly believe that using a three- or four- wire multi-circuit feed to cut home runs by three times, is the right way to wire an office.  With today's technology there is no way to do that because the box is already full.  Adding a few inches to depth matters a lot.

I designed and developed the Grady Box.  Grady Box is a simple idea, but one so obvious one can only wonder why it took so long to appear.  A key feature of the boxes in the Grady Box family is the patented external clamp design.  The external clamping shelves are driven by nuts on studs and rigidly hold a wide range of cable sizes and types, while not needing any extra loose box connectors.  Grady Box product family can accept AC, MC, BX and even NM cables.  And most significantly, you are assured absolutely positive MC-I grounding with the 8-point clamps, enabling such new wire like Southwire's MC-AP cables, without ground worries.

We are always interested in our customers, understanding how electricians are using the boxes, and we welcome any and all feedback on improvements that can be made going forward.

John K. Grady, P.E.

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