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​How do the clamps work with NM?


The clamps can be flipped over and the flat side can be used to hold NM.  No need for various clamp inventory, looseness or labor.


Do I need a plaster ring with Grady Box?


No, not for the most common dual switch and/or dual duplex outlet applications for a 4x4 box, or with the single gang or single gang extended.  The drywall contractor can run the router around the outside edges of the box - protecting internal wires; no protruding tabs.  Eliminates need for on-site plaster ring inventory. The box can be moved in and out at mounting, marked for 5/8" and 1/2".


Why is the ground integrity improved with Grady Box?


Often, the traditional cable clamps readily available on the market today will

loosen, when using aluminum jacketed AC or MC.  A slight sideways pull is enough

to loosen the cables in traditional clamps.  Ground integrity is compromised when

using old style clamps with aluminum.  The Grady Box clamps hold the jacket

positively, in eight places.  Ground integrity is assured...and no green wire labor,

yet perfect grounds.


Is installation quicker with Grady Box?


Screwdriver shaft holes are pre-drilled, allowing quick and easy mounting to the closed face of the stud or open face. Stud brackets or wing-type plaster rings can be used, but generally are not needed.  No box connectors, self-indexing on the nut driver.

Is Grady Box deeper than traditional  4x4 (and single gang) boxes?

Yes.  Grady box uses the full depth of the stud, even up against concrete or block wall.  

No screws protruding out the back to be broken off.  Ideal for dryer or range outlets or

large electronic devices like dimmers or GFI.

What is the HomeRunner for?

The HomeRunner family (8x8 and 12x12) consolidates 4 to 12 circuits in one large MC

cable in a very easy way.  No drilling or cutting holes, perfect grounds.  No lock nuts.








What is MudRunner for?

The MudRunner allows a sealed long rectangular box to be nailed face down to

concrete forms above the room being wired.  After form removal, a special

version of the 12x12 HomeRunner attaches easily to the embedded box.  No more

precision bending conduit thru the forms and sealing concerns.  The attached

12x12 HomeRunner box then sources the 4 to 8 MC cables in the room below

 fed from above.  Also excellent for signal wiring.

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